My Top 30 Anime: 30 – 21

It’s about time I made a top list.

20 – 11
10 – 1 [Coming Soon!]

Well, since I now have this blog, it’s time to make a list I’ve wanted to do for a while: My top 30 anime. I didn’t intend to have any honorable mentions, but I cannot, in good conscience, write this list without mentioning One Outs. I’m on the middle of watching it right now, and were you to ask me about this list a month or even a week from now, it has a strong chance of being on it. That being said, this list would probably be completely different if you were to ask me about it a month from now, so don’t treat this as a definite. It’s just what I love the most right now, and it’s subject to change completely.

30. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Even the animation in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure can get a bit crazy, but Diamond is Unbreakable is still the best part with its stylish designs.

I never set out to be a JoJo fan. When I watched the first three parts, it was certainly fun, and I liked it, but it wasn’t really a favorite. Or, at least, it wasn’t until Diamond is Unbreakable came along. With the end of DiU airing just a few weeks ago, I cannot deny that I’ve been bitten by the JoJo bug, memes and all. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t hear the word “stand” without, well, posing. It’s definitely grown on me as a series, enough for it to barely squeak by on this list.

29. Fate/Zero

To be honest, though I do like Fate/Zero, there’s not a lot that would make it into a favorite. However, there is one thing that I love just too much to ignore, that being Rider and the relationship between him and Waver. You see, Rider is my favorite character…  well, ever, and he’s basically everything I aspire to be.  Yet more than often I feel like Waver, a guy who has big goals but is intimidated by them and unsure of how to go about accomplishing it. Someone who feels insignificant. Which is why the line “The inferiority you feel is actually the quality of a king,” means so much to me. I could go on and on, but I better let it stop with what I’ve already said.

28. Monster

Monster has managed to stick with me in the six months since I’ve seen it, and it still manages to put chills down my spine.

Geez, this anime took forever to watch. When I had finally finished, I had a grudge against it due to how long it took. Still, I can’t hate it. I just can’t. The things that go on in the tragic, intense, chilling, and engaging story of Monster is impossible to forget. More than once I’ll think about the stuff that goes down in the story, especially in 511 Kinderheim. I’ll think of the characters, what they go through, how they live their life searching for the light and truth in such a dark world. It truly is a magnificent story, and I love it, despite my grudge.

27. Cowboy Bebop

Time for a pretty recent addition. When I started this list, at first I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to put this, Samurai Champloo, or Space Dandy. But after just a bit of thinking, the answer was clear. After all, this show is the one that made me bawl like a baby in episode 24. Add that fact on top of the wonderful characters I’ll never forget and the grand noir space western style, and you get a show that well-deserves the praise it gets from me as well as the anime community itself.

26. Junjou Romantica

Even beyond the sweet romance, Junjou Romantica has helped reassure me in the possibility of a career as an editor.

After putting down so many legends, it’s probably a bit of a shocker to put something so… fujoshi on top of all of it. But, what can I say? I started the first season not expecting much, but within a week and a half, I had seen all 3 seasons, despite trying to focus my efforts on other anime. There’s just something about the relationship between Misaki and Usagi that’s just so cute. The romance is doki doki, the humor is on point, and, on a more serious note, it made me more excited at the prospect of being an editor than I’ve ever been. So, on that note, even if it is a lot more fujoshi than most things on this list, I’ll love it unashamedly.

25. Amnesia

After I bought and played the visual novel to this show a couple of months ago, I rewatched the series, not expecting to love it as much as the first time. And, well, I was wrong. Though I’ll admit this show isn’t that good, it has a special place in my heart as being the first anime I’ve seen to incorporate time loops. On top of that, it has a character that will always have a special place in my heart (I love you, Ukyo!). Ultimately, I love it enough to have one of its characters, Orion, be on my cover to my website, so it’s no surprise that I still love this show rather deeply.

24. Death Parade

Death Parade is a bit hard to explain without wanting to cry. It has some of the most emotional scenes I’ve ever seen. There’s just such a deep sense of mourning within it. Not only that, but it has absolutely gorgeous, stylized animation, an incredible soundtrack, and one of my favorite EDs of all time. All of this culminates into a beautiful, powerful experience that I won’t forget for quite a while.

23. Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss is my favorite romance anime, with realistic interactions as well as stylish animation.

Yes, yes, I know, with this on my list, I really should pick up Beck or Nana. I’ll do that eventually. But for now, I want to focus on their cousin. You see, out of all the art forms out there, I find sewing to be the most boring. Even so, Paradise Kiss opened up my eyes to just how cool haute couture could be. On top of that, it has the best ending that I’ve ever seen in a romance anime, though I won’t spoil that for you. Ultimately, Paradise Kiss a great anime that well-deserves this spot.

22. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

This entry’s a bit unique. You see, I actually haven’t finished this show yet. Still, I love it to death. I love how it takes what was originally supposed to be nothing more than a parody series and slowly transitions into a real shounen anime while keeping the quirks that made the show unique in the first place. On top of that, it has characters that are just so fun to watch that it becomes almost impossible to pick a favorite. I could pick any one between Hibari, Gokudera, Mukuro, Yamamoto, Reborn. Even the main character, Tsuna, is interesting to watch his transformation for a wimpy, pathetic kid to a mature mafia boss. To be honest, I’m kind of glad I haven’t finished it, because that means there’s more to watch, and with this show, that’s definitely a bonus.

21. Now and Then, Here and There

Remember all the feels you felt while watching Grave of the Fireflies? Now imagine that again, but worse. Oh, and make it 13 episodes. Now and Then, Here and There is heavy. Really heavy. It makes an imprint on your mind and stays there. Even after the over three years since I’ve seen it all the way through, I still haven’t forgotten how it affected me. Although, despite all the harsh and terrible things that happen in the anime, there is a hidden gem of beauty within it. Ultimately it’s a story of hope, one that that elicits a, well, bittersweet, almost heartbreaking fondness.

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