About Me

To keep this digestible, I’m making this section in a short Q and A format.

Who Am I?

A poor, starving college student who happens to have been watching anime for about four years now. Double-Majoring in English and History, but with other interests in astronomy, psychology, graphic design, and music. Oh, and call me Leslie.

Where can I contact you?

I don’t have a specific email for this right now, but you can find me at my MAL or at my TheOtaku accounts.

Why “Kaleidescope”?

I tend to watch and enjoy bunch of anime of genres. Basically the only genre I refuse to touch is hentai. Because of this I want to express my love of anime as a sort of kaleidescope – a bunch of different colours, meanings, and patterns, that is also shifting almost constantly.

Who is that on the cover?

Orion from “Amnesia.” A fairy spirit who tends to tell you what to say or think a lot, yet is also loveable. I like him more than I probably should.

Why don’t you ever rate or score anything?

Because I know I’ll want to change that rating the next week, if not the next day. Plus it’ll lead to arbitrary comparisons between anime, and I don’t want that.

Favorite anime?

Unashamedly Black Butler.