Drifters and the Art of War

Drifters has mastered writing war. Spoilers ahead.


This past season I’ve been talking about Yuri!!! on Ice and little else, so I thought it was time to showcase another brilliant anime to come out of Fall 2016. While Drifters isn’t perfect by any means, it has one thing down impeccably – writing war and all the effort and strategy that goes into it. So I’ve decided to break down the aspects of war that Drifters includes in its final battle – many of which don’t appear in other works at all – and why they’re both important and interesting. Oh, and some spoilers ahead.

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Ten Recommended Anime from 2016

A list of 10 of my favorite anime from 2016.

Now that we’re only a couple weeks before 2017 starts, a lot of anime Youtubers and bloggers are looking back at which were the best anime of 2016, and I’ve decided to throw my opinion into the mix. So I’ve compiled a list of 10 of my favorite anime from 2016, while also trying to create a variety to give everybody at least one suggestion to walk away with. I’ve also tried to include as few of sequels as possible, with one exception.

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