My Top 30 Favorite Anime: 10 – 1

The moment you’ve all been waiting for.

Top 30 – 21
Top 20 – 11

Before I start again, I would like to make a note. I used to post pretty regularly, but with school back in, my posting schedule will become a little more erratic. I’ll still do my best to give you guys content on a more consistent level, but no guarantees.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get back to the show:

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My Top 30 Anime: 20 – 11

Please don’t lynch me for my choices.

Top 30 – 21
Top 10 – 1 [Coming Soon!]

Well, here it is, my top 20 – 11. These lists are constantly shifting, in fact, even after I had typed up most of the article, I ended up changing my mind on the placement on one of these anime. Trust me, if you ask me about this later, I might have a completely different opinion on what goes where, so once again, let me remind you that it’s only a lose estimate. Thanks for reading, and here we go!

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The Most Important Anime of 2016

Why Orange is a lot more important than you might think.

As 2017 starts, most anime YouTubers and bloggers are looking back and making videos talking about what they think is the best anime of 2016. Well, I want to look back and discuss something different – what is the most important anime of 2016? While Yuri!!! on Ice has taken the world by storm with its progressive portrayal of a gay couple, bringing realism to a topic that is usually used just as fanservice, I’d say there’s an anime out there that is even more important: Summer 2016’s Orange. So, why is this anime so important?

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My Top 30 Anime: 30 – 21

It’s about time I made a top list.

20 – 11
10 – 1 [Coming Soon!]

Well, since I now have this blog, it’s time to make a list I’ve wanted to do for a while: My top 30 anime. I didn’t intend to have any honorable mentions, but I cannot, in good conscience, write this list without mentioning One Outs. I’m on the middle of watching it right now, and were you to ask me about this list a month or even a week from now, it has a strong chance of being on it. That being said, this list would probably be completely different if you were to ask me about it a month from now, so don’t treat this as a definite. It’s just what I love the most right now, and it’s subject to change completely.

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Drifters and the Art of War

Drifters has mastered writing war. Spoilers ahead.

This past season I’ve been talking about Yuri!!! on Ice and little else, so I thought it was time to showcase another brilliant anime to come out of Fall 2016. While Drifters isn’t perfect by any means, it has one thing down impeccably – writing war and all the effort and strategy that goes into it. So I’ve decided to break down the aspects of war that Drifters includes in its final battle – many of which don’t appear in other works at all – and why they’re both important and interesting. Oh, and some spoilers ahead.

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A New Era of Season 2s?

What’s with this influx of new seasons?

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through my Facebook to stumble across the announcement of a Kekkai Sensen season 2. It threw me off guard for a moment. I mean, most shows don’t get new seasons these days, right? If the next season isn’t announced almost immediately, or if the show hasn’t reached the insane popularity level of something like One Punch Man or Yuri!!! on Ice, it’s best to put down your hopes. And even if they do somehow get that second season greenlit, it’s still a struggle to get the proper amount of episodes (I’m looking at you, Arslan Senki). So, what’s with this sudden influx of new seasons? And what are the pros and cons of this influx?

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Ten Recommended Anime from 2016

A list of 10 of my favorite anime from 2016.

Now that we’re only a couple weeks before 2017 starts, a lot of anime Youtubers and bloggers are looking back at which were the best anime of 2016, and I’ve decided to throw my opinion into the mix. So I’ve compiled a list of 10 of my favorite anime from 2016, while also trying to create a variety to give everybody at least one suggestion to walk away with. I’ve also tried to include as few of sequels as possible, with one exception.

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